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 +=====SSIM. Apendix A=====
 +The Aircraft Types listed in this Appendix are designed for schedulers, airport authorities,​ and airport coordinators. They are available for use both in the planning stage of scheduling as well as in day-to-day operations. They also are recommended for public timetable purposes and for all internal airline planning purposes.
 +Codes are included for all aircraft that are currently flown, or are soon to be flown, for commercial scheduled or charter services only, or which have been announced by the manufacturer and for which airline orders have been placed. In principle new aircraft type codes are only assigned when the new aircraft has been certified.
 +There are two levels of codes:
 +(a) Aircraft Type codes
 +Each aircraft type is assigned a specific code. Within a group of aircraft covered by an Aircraft Group code, multiple Aircraft Type Codes may be assigned where substantial differences (e.g. fuselage length, wingspan, category) exist between different models of the same aircraft family. However, Aircraft Type codes will not be assigned to differentiate technical characteristics of an aircraft (i.e. engines, range, cockpit configuration etc.).
 +For certain categories of Aircraft Types, different codes have been assigned to reflect different service characteristics (Passenger, Mixed Configuration,​ Freighter).
 +Aircraft Type codes are designed to be used wherever precision in the specification of aircraft types is required. This applies especially in SSIM Chapter 6 applications.
 +(b) Aircraft Group codes
 +For aircraft sharing a family name, a common fuselage cross section and a common service character (e.g. Passenger, Cargo or Mixed Configuration) a unique Aircraft Group code will be assigned.
 +Aircraft Group codes are designed to be used wherever a lesser degree of precision in the specification of aircraft types is required.
 +When exceptional requirements exist to use codes not listed in Appendix A (e.g. to identify specific types of trains), then the non-standard code should be stated using Data Element Identifier 121 (Aircraft Type Publication Override).
 +A valid Aircraft Type code should always be stated in the position reserved for Aircraft Type specification.
 +Aircraft Type Codes have been included to specify surface vehicle categories to cater for such passenger and cargo operations performed by airlines or Travel Partners.
 +While some codes have been assigned to Aircraft Types serving General Aviation purposes, Appendix A does not claim completeness in these assignments.
 +Requests for additional codes should be directed to the IATA Management in accordance with the procedure described under “Revisions” below.
 +====ICAO CODES====
 +ICAO aircraft codes are included in Appendix A for reference purposes only in order to facilitate conversion between IATA and ICAO codes. ICAO codes are used in the ATC environment and should not be used in any procedure described in SSIM.
 +When a conversion of an IATA code involves multiple ICAO codes, an asterisk (*) is shown instead of the ICAO code.
 +In cases where ICAO has not yet assigned a code for a new aircraft type, ‘ZZZZ’ is shown to indicate that the ICAO assignment is still pending.
 +Category of each Aircraft Type is indicated as follows:
 +H.......... Helicopter
 +J........... Jet-engined aircraft (preceded by number of engines)
 +P.......... Piston-engined aircraft (preceded by number of engines)
 +S.......... Surface equipment
 +T .......... Turboprop-engined aircraft (preceded by number of engines)
 +Requests for changes or additions to the contents of this Appendix should be addressed to the IATA Management (E-mail: ssim@iata.org,​ tty: YMQMCXB) for consideration by the Schedules Information Standards Committee. Aircraft Types found to be out of use for a substantial time will be deleted as revised copies of the Appendix are issued. No changes are to be made by the IATA Schedules Conference to existing Aircraft Types without at least six months notice being given to IATA and ATA members.
 +Aircraft Aircraft ICAO Manufacturer and Aircraft Name/Model Type Group Category Code
 +^Manufacturer and Aircraft Name^Model Type^Group^Category^Code^
 +|Aerospatiale (Nord) 262|ND2|ND2|2T|N262|
 +|Aerospatiale (Sud) SE210 Caravelle|CRV|CRV|2J|S210|
 +|Aerospatiale SN601 Corvette|NDC|NDC|2J|S601|
 +|Aerospatiale / British Aerospace Concorde|SSC|SSC|4J|CONC|
 +|Agusta A109|AGH|AGH|H|A109|
 +|Airbus Industrie A300 Passenger| |AB3| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A300B2 / A300B4 Passenger|AB4|AB3|2J|A30B|
 +|Airbus Industrie A300-600 Passenger|AB6|AB3|2J|A306|
 +|Airbus Industrie A300 Freighter| |ABF| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A300B4 / A300C4 / A300F4 Freighter|ABX|ABF|2J|A30B|
 +|Airbus Industrie A300-600 Freighter|ABY|ABF|2J|A306|
 +|Airbus Industrie A300-600ST Beluga Freighter|ABB|ABF|2J|A3ST|
 +|Airbus Industrie A310 Passenger| |310| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A310-200 Passenger|312|310|2J|A310|
 +|Airbus Industrie A310-300 Passenger|313|310|2J|A310|
 +|Airbus Industrie A310 Freighter| |31F| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A310-200 Freighter|31X|31F|2J|A310|
 +|Airbus Industrie A310-300 Freighter|31Y|31F|2J|A310|
 +|Airbus Industrie A318 / A319 / A320 / A321| |32S| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A318|318|32S|2J|A318|
 +|Airbus Industrie A319|319|32S|2J|A319|
 +|Airbus Industrie A320|320|32S|2J|A320|
 +|Airbus Industrie A321|321|32S|2J|A321|
 +|Airbus Industrie A330| |330| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A330-200|332|330|2J|A332|
 +|Airbus Industrie A330-300|333|330|2J|A333|
 +|Airbus Industrie A340| |340| | |
 +|Airbus Industrie A340-200|342|340|4J|A342|
 +|Airbus Industrie A340-300|343|340|4J|A343|
 +|Airbus Industrie A340-500|345|340|4J|A345|
 +|Airbus Industrie A340-600|346|340|4J|A346|
 +|Airbus Industrie A350| |350|Y|
 +|Airbus Industrie A350-800|358|350|2J|
 +|Airbus Industrie A350-900|359|350|2J|
 +|Airbus Industrie A380-800 Passenger|380|380|4J|A388|
 +|Airbus Industrie A380-800F Freighter|38F|38F|4J|A388|
 +|Antonov An-12|ANF|ANF|4T|AN12|
 +|Antonov An-22|A22|A22|4T|AN22|
 +|Antonov An-24|AN4|AN4|2T|AN24|
 +|Antonov An-26 / An-30 / An-32| |AN6| | |
 +|Antonov An-26|A26|AN6|2T|AN26|
 +|Antonov An-30|A30|AN6|2T|AN30|
 +|Antonov An-32|A32|AN6|2T|AN32|
 +|Antonov An-28 / PZL Mielec M-28 Skytruck|A28|A28|2T|AN28|
 +|Antonov An-38|A38|A38|2T|AN38|
 +|Antonov An-72 / An-74|AN7|AN7|2J|AN72|
 +|Antonov An-124 Ruslan|A4F|A4F|4J|A124|
 +|Antonov An-140 A40|A40|2T|A140|
 +|Antonov AN148-100|A81|A81|2J|0000|
 +|Antonov An-225|A5F|A5F|6J|A225|
 +|ATR 42 /​ | |ATR|72|ATR|
 +|ATR 42-300 / 320|AT4|ATR|2T|AT43|
 +|ATR 42-400|ATD|ATR|2T|AT44|
 +|ATR 42-500|AT5|ATR|2T|AT45|
 +|ATR 72 AT7|ATR|2T|AT72|
 +|Avro RJ70 / RJ85 / RJ100| |ARJ| | |
 +|Avro RJ70|AR7|ARJ|4J|RJ70|
 +|Avro RJ85|AR8|ARJ|4J|RJ85|
 +|Avro RJ100|AR1|ARJ|4J|RJ1H|
 +|Beech (Light aircraft)| |BEC| | |
 +|Beech (Light aircraft – single piston engine)|BEP|BEC|1P|
 +|Beech (Light aircraft – twin piston engines)|BE2|BEC|2P|
 +|Beech (Light aircraft – twin turboprop engines)|BET|BEC|2T|
 +|Beech 1900 Airliner| |BE1| | |
 +|Beech 1900C Airliner|BES|BE1|2T|B190|
 +|Beech 1900D Airliner|BEH|BE1|2T|B190|
 +|Bell (Helicopters)|BH2|BH2|H|
 +|Boeing 707 / 720 Passenger| |707| | |
 +|Boeing 707-320B / 320C Passenger|703|707|4J|B703|
 +|Boeing 720-020B|B72|707|4J|B720|
 +|Boeing 707-320B / 320C Mixed Configuration|70M|70M|4J|B703|
 +|Boeing 707-320B / 320C Freighter|70F|70F|4J|B703|
 +|Boeing 717-200|717|717|2J|B712|
 +|Boeing 727 Passenger| |727| | |
 +|Boeing 727-100 Passenger|721|727|3J|B721|
 +|Boeing 727-200 Passenger|722|727|3J|B722|
 +|Boeing 727 Mixed Configuration| |72M| | |
 +|Boeing 727-100 Mixed Configuration|72B|72M|3J|B721|
 +|Boeing 727-200 Mixed Configuration|72C|72M|3J|B722|
 +|Boeing 727 Freighter| |72F| | |
 +|Boeing 727-100 Freighter|72X|72F|3J|B721|
 +|Boeing 727-200 Freighter|72Y|72F|3J|B722|
 +|Boeing 737 Passenger| |737| | |
 +|Boeing 737-100 Passenger|731|737|2J|B731|
 +|Boeing 737-200 Passenger|732|737|2J|B732|
 +|Boeing 737-300 Passenger|733|737|2J|B733|
 +|Boeing 737-300 (winglets) Passenger|73C|737|2J|B733|
 +|Boeing 737-400 Passenger|734|737|2J|B734|
 +|Boeing 737-500 Passenger|735|737|2J|B735|
 +|Boeing 737-600 Passenger|736|737|2J|B736|
 +|Boeing 737-700 Passenger|73G|737|2J|B737|
 +|Boeing 737-700 (winglets) Passenger|73W|737|2J|B737|
 +|Boeing 737-800 Passenger|738|737|2J|B738|
 +|Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Passenger|73H|737|2J|B738|
 +|Boeing 737-900 Passenger|739|737|2J|B739|
 +|Boeing 737-200 Mixed Configuration|73M|73M|2J|B732|
 +|Boeing 737 Freighter| |73F| | |
 +|Boeing 737-200 Freighter|73X|73F|2J|B732|
 +|Boeing 737-300 Freighter|73Y|73F|2J|B733|
 +|Boeing 747 Passenger| |747| | |
 +|Boeing 747-100 Passenger|741|747|4J|B741|
 +|Boeing 747-200 Passenger|742|747|4J|B742|
 +|Boeing 747-300 / 747-100200 SUD Passenger|743|747|4J|B743|
 +|Boeing 747-400 Passenger|744|747|4J|B744|
 +|Boeing 747-400 (Domestic) Passenger|74J|747|4J|B74D|
 +|Boeing 747SP Passenger|74L|747|4J|B74S|
 +|Boeing 747SR Passenger|74R|747|4J|B74R|
 +|Boeing 747 Mixed Configuration| |74M| | |
 +|Boeing 747-200 Mixed Configuration|74C|74M|4J|B742|
 +|Boeing 747-300 / 747-200 SUD Mixed Configuration|74D|74M|4J|B743|
 +|Boeing 747-400 Mixed Configuration|74E|74M|4J|B744|
 +|Boeing 747 Freighter| |74F| | |
 +|Boeing 747-100 Freighter|74T|74F|4J|B741|
 +|Boeing 747-200 Freighter|74X|74F|4J|B742|
 +|Boeing 747-300 / 747-200 SUD Freighter|74U|74F|4J|B743|
 +|Boeing 747-400 Freighter|74Y|74F|4J|B744|
 +|Boeing 747SR Freighter|74V|74F|4J|B74R|
 +|Boeing 757 Passenger| |757| | |
 +|Boeing 757-200 Passenger|752|757|2J|B752|
 +|Boeing 757-200 (winglets) Passenger|75W|757|2J|ZZZZ|
 +|Boeing 757-300 Passenger|753|757|2J|B753|
 +|Boeing 757-200 Mixed Configuration|75M|75M|2J|B752|
 +|Boeing 757-200 Freighter|75F|75F|2J|B752|
 +|Boeing 767 Passenger| |767| | |
 +|Boeing 767-200 Passenger|762|767|2J|B762|
 +|Boeing 767-300 Passenger|763|767|2J|B763|
 +|Boeing 767-400 Passenger|764|767|2J|B764|
 +|Boeing 767 Freighter| |76F| | |
 +|Boeing 767-200 Freighter|76X|76F|2J|B762|
 +|Boeing 767-300 Freighter|76Y|76F|2J|B763|
 +|Boeing|777|777| | |
 +|Boeing 777-200 200ER|772|777|2J|B772|
 +|Boeing 777-200LR|77L|777|2J|B772|
 +|Boeing 777-300|773|777|2J|B773|
 +|Boeing 777-300ER|77W|777|2J|B773|
 +|Y Boeing 777 Freighter| |77F| | |
 +|Y Boeing 777-200F Freighter|77X|77F|2J|0000|
 +|Y Boeing|787|787| | |
 +|Y Boeing 787-300|783|787|2J|
 +|Y Boeing 787-800|788|787|2J|
 +|Y Boeing 787-900|789|787|2J|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-3 Passenger|DC3|DC3|2P|DC3|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-3 Freighter|D3F|D3F|2P|DC3|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-4|DC4|DC4|4P|DC4|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-6B Passenger|DC6|DC6|4P|DC6|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-6A / DC-6B / DC-6C Freighter|D6F|D6F|4P|DC6|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8 Passenger | |DC8| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-62 Passenger|D8L|DC8|4J|DC86|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-72 Passenger|D8Q|DC8|4J|DC87|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-62 Mixed Configuration|D8M|D8M|4J|DC86|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8 Freighter| |D8F| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-50 Freighter|D8T|D8F|4J|DC85|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-61 / 62 / 63 Freighter|D8X|D8F|4J|DC86|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-71 / 72 / 73 Freighter|D8Y|D8F|4J|DC87|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9 Passenger| |DC9| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-10 Passenger|D91|DC9|2J|DC91|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-20 Passenger|D92|DC9|2J|DC92|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-30 Passenger|D93|DC9|2J|DC93|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-40 Passenger|D94|DC9|2J|DC94|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-50 Passenger|D95|DC9|2J|DC95|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9 Freighter| |D9F| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-10 Freighter|D9X|D9F|2J|DC91|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-30 Freighter|D9C|D9F|2J|DC93|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-40 Freighter|D9D|D9F|2J|DC94|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10 Passenger| |D10| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-10 / 15 Passenger|D11|D10|3J|DC10|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-30 / 40 Passenger|D1C|D10|3J|DC10|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-30 Mixed Configuration|D1M|D1M|3J|DC10|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10 Freighter| |D1F| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-10 Freighter|D1X|D1F|3J|DC10|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-30 / 40 Freighter|D1Y|D1F|3J|DC10|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-11 Passenger|M11|M11|3J|MD11|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-11 Mixed Configuration|M1M|M1M|3J|MD11|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-11 Freighter|M1F|M1F|3J|MD11|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-80| |M80| | |
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-81|M81|M80|2J|MD81|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-82|M82|M80|2J|MD82|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-83|M83|M80|2J|MD83|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-87|M87|M80|2J|MD87|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-88|M88|M80|2J|MD88|
 +|Boeing (Douglas) MD-90|M90|M90|2J|MD90|
 +|Bombardier BD-700 Global Express|CCX|CCX|2J|GLEX|
 +|British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven| |B11| | |
 +|British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 200|B12|B11|2J|BA11|
 +|British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 300|B13|B11|2J|BA11|
 +|British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 400 / 475|B14|B11|2J|BA11|
 +|British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 500 / RomBac One-Eleven 560|B15|B11|2J|BA11|
 +|British Aerospace (De Havilland) 104 Dove|DHD|DHD|2P|DOVE|
 +|British Aerospace (De Havilland) 114 Heron|DHH|DHH|4P|HERN|
 +|British Aerospace (Hawker Siddeley) 748 / Andover|HS7|HS7|2T|A748|
 +|British Aerospace (Vickers) Viscount|VCV|VCV|4T|VISC|
 +|British Aerospace 146 Passenger| |146| | |
 +|British Aerospace 146-100 Passenger|141|146|4J|B461|
 +|British Aerospace 146-200 Passenger|142|146|4J|B462|
 +|British Aerospace 146-300 Passenger|143|146|4J|B463|
 +|British Aerospace 146 Freighter | |14F| | |
 +|British Aerospace 146-100 Freighter|14X|14F|4J|B461|
 +|British Aerospace 146-200 Freighter|14Y|14F|4J|B462|
 +|British Aerospace 146-300 Freighter|14Z|14F|4J|B463|
 +|British Aerospace Jetstream| |JST| | |
 +|British Aerospace Jetstream 31|J31|JST|2T|JS31|
 +|British Aerospace Jetstream 32|J32|JST|2T|JS32|
 +|British Aerospace Jetstream 41|J41|JST|2T|JS41|
 +|British Aerospace ATP|ATP|ATP|2T|ATP|
 +|Britten-Norman BN-2A / BN-2B Islander|BNI|BNI|2P|BN2P|
 +|Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk.III Trislander|BNT|BNT|3P|TRIS|
 +|Canadair CL-600 / 601 / 604 Challenger|CCJ|CCJ|2J|CL60|
 +|Canadair Regional|Jet|CRJ| | |
 +|Canadair Regional Jet 100|CR1|CRJ|2J|CRJ1|
 +|Canadair Regional Jet 200|CR2|CRJ|2J|CRJ2|
 +|Canadair Regional Jet 700|CR7|CRJ|2J|CRJ7|
 +|Y Canadair Regional Jet 705|CRA|CRJ|2J|ZZZZ|
 +|Canadair Regional Jet 900|CR9|CRJ|2J|CRJ9|
 +|CASA / IPTN 212 Aviocar|CS2|CS2|2T|C212|
 +|CASA / IPTN CN-235|CS5|CS5|2T|CN35|
 +|Cessna (Light aircraft)| |CNA|
 +|Cessna (Light aircraft – single piston engine) CN1 CNA 1P|
 +|Cessna (Light aircraft – twin piston engines) CN2 CNA 2P|
 +|Cessna (Light aircraft – single turboprop engine) CNC CNA 1T|
 +|Cessna (Light aircraft – twin turboprop engines) CNT CNA 2T|
 +|Cessna Citation CNJ CNJ 2J
 +|Cessna 750 Citation X|CN7|CNJ|2J|0000|
 +|Convair 240 / 440 / 580 Passenger| |CVR| | |
 +|Convair 240 Passenger|CV2|CVR|2P|CVLP|
 +|Convair 440 Metropolitan Passenger|CV4|CVR|2P|CVLP|
 +|Convair 580 Passenger|CV5|CVR|2T|CVLT|
 +|Convair 240 / 340 / 440 / 580 / 5800 / 600 / 640 Freighter| |CVF|
 +|Convair 240 Freighter|CVV|CVF|2P|CVLP|
 +|Convair 340 / 440 Freighter|CVX|CVF|2P|CVLP|
 +|Convair 580 / 5800 / 600 / 640 Freighter|CVY|CVF|2T|CVLT\
 +|Curtiss C-46 Commando|CWC|CWC|2P|C46|
 +|Dassault Falcon| |DFL|
 +|Dassault Falcon 10 / 100 / 20 / 200 / 2000 DF2 DFL 2J *|
 +|Dassault Falcon 50 / 900 DF3 DFL 3J *|
 +|De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver / Turbo Beaver| |DHB|
 +|De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver|DHP|DHB|1P|DHC2|
 +|De Havilland DHC-2 Turbo Beaver|DHR|DHB|1T|DH2T|
 +|De Havilland DHC-3 Otter / Turbo Otter| |DHO|
 +|De Havilland DHC-3 Otter|DHS|DHO|1P|DHC3|
 +|De Havilland DHC-3 Turbo Otter|DHL|DHO|1T|DH3T|
 +|De Havilland DHC-4 Caribou|DHC|DHC|2P|DHC4|
 +|De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter|DHT|DHT|2T|DHC6|
 +|De Havilland DHC-7 Dash 7|DH7|DH7|4T|DHC7|
 +|De Havilland DHC-8 Dash 8| |DH8|
 +|De Havilland DHC-8-100 Dash 8 / 8Q|DH1|DH8|2T|DH8A|
 +|De Havilland DHC-8-200 Dash 8 / 8Q|DH2|DH8|2T|DH8B|
 +|De Havilland DHC-8-300 Dash 8 / 8Q|DH3|DH8|2T|DH8C|
 +|De Havilland DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q|DH4|DH8|2T|DH8D|
 +|EMBRAER 110 Bandeirante|EMB|EMB|2T|E110|
 +|EMBRAER 120 Brasilia|EM2|EM2|2T|E120|
 +|EMBRAER RJ135 / RJ140 / RJ145| |ERJ|
 +|EMBRAER RJ135|ER3|ERJ|2J|E135|
 +|EMBRAER RJ145|ER4|ERJ|2J|E145|
 +|EMBRAER 170 / 175 / 190 / 195| |EMJ|
 +|EMBRAER 170|E70|EMJ|2J|E170|
 +|EMBRAER 175|E75|EMJ|2J|E170|
 +|EMBRAER 190|E90|EMJ|2J|E190|
 +|EMBRAER 195|E95|EMJ|2J|E190|
 +|Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA330 Puma / AS332 Super Puma APH APH H *|
 +|Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) AS350 Ecureuil / AS355 Ecureuil 2 NDE NDE H *|
 +|Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA365C / SA365N Dauphin 2 NDH NDH H *|
 +|Eurocopter (MBB) BO105|MBH|MBH|H|B105|
 +|Eurocopter EC130|EC3|EC3|H|EC30|
 +|Fairchild Dornier 228|D28|D28|2T|D228|
 +|Fairchild Dornier 328-100|D38|D38|2T|D328|
 +|Fairchild Dornier 328JET|FRJ|FRJ|2J|J328|
 +|Fairchild (Swearingen) SA26 / SA226 / SA227 Merlin / Metro /|
 +|Expediter SWM SWM 2T|
 +|Fairchild Industries FH-227|FK7|FK7|2T|F27|
 +|Fokker F27 Friendship / Fairchild Industries F-27|F27|F27|2T|F27|
 +|Fokker F28 Fellowship| |F28|
 +|Fokker F28 Fellowship 1000|F21|F28|2J|F28|
 +|Fokker F28 Fellowship 2000|F22|F28|2J|F28|
 +|Fokker F28 Fellowship 3000|F23|F28|2J|F28|
 +|Fokker F28 Fellowship 4000|F24|F28|2J|F28|
 +|Fokker 50|F50|F50|2T|F50|
 +|Fokker 70|F70|F70|2J|F70|
 +|Fokker 100|100|100|2J|F100|
 +|Government Aircraft Factories N22B / N24A Nomad|CD2|CD2|2T|NOMA|
 +|Grumman G-21 Goose (Amphibian)|GRG|GRG|2P|G21|
 +|Grumman G-73 Turbo Mallard (Amphibian)|GRM|GRM|2T|G73T|
 +|Gulfstream Aerospace (Grumman) G-159 Gulfstream I|GRS|GRS|2T|G159|
 +|Gulfstream Aerospace (Grumman) Gulfstream II / III / IV / V GRJ GRJ 2J *|
 +|Harbin Yunshuji Y12|YN2|YN2|2T|Y12|
 +|Hawker (Hawker Siddeley / British Aerospace 125) H25 H25 2J *|
 +|Helio H-250 Courier / H-295 / 395 Super Courier|HEC|HEC|1P|COUR|
 +|Ilyushin Il-18|IL8|IL8|4T|IL18|
 +|Ilyushin Il-62|IL6|IL6|4J|IL62|
 +|Ilyushin Il-76|IL7|IL7|4J|IL76|
 +|Ilyushin Il-86|ILW|ILW|4J|IL86|
 +|Ilyushin Il-96 Passenger|IL9|IL9|4J|IL96|
 +|Ilyushin Il-96 Freighter|I9F|I9F|4J|IL96|
 +|Ilyushin Il-114|I14|I14|2T|I114|
 +|Israel Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwind|WWP|WWP|2J|WW24|
 +|Junkers Ju 52/​3m|JU5|JU5|3P|JU52|
 +|Learjet LRJ LRJ 2J *|
 +|Let 410|L4T|L4T|2T|L410|
 +|Lockheed L-749 Constellation / L-1049 Super Constellation|L49|L49|4P|CONI|
 +|Lockheed L-182 / L-282 / L-382 (L-100) Hercules|LOH|LOH|4T|C130|
 +|Lockheed L-188 Electra LOE|LOE|4T|L188|
 +|Lockheed L-188 Electra Mixed Configuration|LOM|LOM|4T|L188|
 +|Lockheed L-188 Electra Freighter|LOF|LOF|4T|L188|
 +|Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Passenger| |L10|
 +|Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Passenger|L11|L10|3J|L101|
 +|Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500 Passenger|L15|L10|3J|L101|
 +|Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Freighter|L1F|L1F|3J|L101|
 +|MD Helicopters MD 900 Explorer|MD9|MD9|H|EXPL|
 +|Mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 / Mi-171 / Mi-172|MIH|MIH|H|MI8|
 +|Mitsubishi MU-2|MU2|MU2|2T|MU2|
 +|NAMC YS-11|YS1|YS1|2T|YS11|
 +|Partenavia P.68|PN6|PN6|2P|P68|
 +|Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter|PL6|PL6|1T|PC6T|
 +|Pilatus PC-12|PL2|PL2|1T|PC12|
 +|Piper (Light aircraft)| |PAG|
 +|Piper (Light aircraft – single piston engine) PA1 PAG 1P *|
 +|Piper (Light aircraft – twin piston engines) PA2 PAG 2P *|
 +|Piper (Light aircraft – twin turboprop engines) PAT PAG 2T *|
 +|Saab 340|SF3|SF3|2T|SF34|
 +|Saab 2000|S20|S20|2T|SB20|
 +|Shorts SC.5 Belfast|SHB|SHB|4T|BELF|
 +|Shorts Skyvan (SC-7)|SHS|SHS|2T|SC7|
 +|Shorts 330 (SD3-30)|SH3|SH3|2T|SH33|
 +|Shorts 360 (SD3-60)|SH6|SH6|2T|SH36|
 +|Sikorsky S-58T|S58|S58|H|S58T|
 +|Sikorsky S-61|S61|S61|H|S61|
 +|Sikorsky S-76|S76|S76|H|S76|
 +|Surface Equipment – Bus|BUS|BUS|S|0000|
 +|Surface Equipment – Hovercraft|HOV|HOV|S|0000|
 +|Surface Equipment – Launch / Boat|LCH|LCH|S|0000|
 +|Surface Equipment – Limousine|LMO|LMO|S|0000|
 +|Surface Equipment – Road Feeder Service (Truck)|RFS|RFS|S|0000|
 +|Surface Equipment – Train|TRN|TRN|S|0000|
 +|Tupolev Tu-134|TU3|TU3|2J|T134|
 +|Tupolev Tu-154|TU5|TU5|3J|T154|
 +|Tupolev Tu-204 / Tu-214|T20|T20|2J|T204|
 +|Twin (Aero) Commander / Turbo Commander / Jetprop|
 +|Commander| |ACD|
 +|Twin (Aero) Commander ACP ACD 2P *|
 +|Twin (Aero) Turbo Commander / Jetprop Commander ACT ACD 2T *|
 +|Xian Yunshuji Y7 / MA-60|YN7|YN7|2T|AN24|
 +|Yakovlev Yak-40|YK4|YK4|3J|YK40|
 +|Yakovlev Yak-42 / Yak-142|YK2|YK2|3J|YK42|
 +Aircraft Aircraft ICAO Type Group Manufacturer and Aircraft Name/Model Category Code
 +10/0/ 10/0/ Fokker 100 2J F100
 +141 146 British Aerospace 146-100 Passenger 4J B461
 +142 146 British Aerospace 146-200 Passenger 4J B462
 +143 146 British Aerospace 146-300 Passenger 4J B463
 +— 146 British Aerospace 146 Passenger
 +— 14F British Aerospace 146 Freighter
 +14X 14F British Aerospace 146-100 Freighter 4J B461
 +14Y 14F British Aerospace 146-200 Freighter 4J B462
 +14Z 14F British Aerospace 146-300 Freighter 4J B463
 +— 310/ Airbus Industrie A310 Passenger
 +312 310/ Airbus Industrie A310-200 Passenger 2J A310
 +313 310/ Airbus Industrie A310-300 Passenger 2J A310
 +318 32S Airbus Industrie A318 2J A318
 +319 32S Airbus Industrie A319 2J A319
 +— 31F Airbus Industrie A310 Freighter
 +31X 31F Airbus Industrie A310-200 Freighter 2J A310
 +31Y 31F Airbus Industrie A310-300 Freighter 2J A310
 +320/ 32S Airbus Industrie A320 2J A320
 +321 32S Airbus Industrie A321 2J A321
 +— 32S Airbus Industrie A318 / A319 / A320 / A321
 +— 330/ Airbus Industrie A330
 +332 330/ Airbus Industrie A330-200 2J A332
 +333 330/ Airbus Industrie A330-300 2J A333
 +— 340/ Airbus Industrie A340
 +342 340/ Airbus Industrie A340-200 4J A342
 +343 340/ Airbus Industrie A340-300 4J A343
 +345 340/ Airbus Industrie A340-500 4J A345
 +346 340/ Airbus Industrie A340-600 4J A346
 +— 350/ Airbus Industrie A350 Y
 +358 350/ Airbus Industrie A350-800 2J 0000 Y
 +359 350/ Airbus Industrie A350-900 2J 0000 Y
 +380/ 380/ Airbus Industrie A380-800 Passenger 4J A388
 +38F 38F Airbus Industrie A380-800F Freighter 4J A388
 +70/3 70/7 Boeing 707-320B / 320C Passenger 4J B703
 +— 70/7 Boeing 707 / 720 Passenger
 +70/F 70/F Boeing 707-320B / 320C Freighter 4J B703
 +70/M 70/M Boeing 707-320B / 320C Mixed Configuration 4J B703
 +717 717 Boeing 717-200 2J B712
 +721 727 Boeing 727-100 Passenger 3J B721
 +722 727 Boeing 727-200 Passenger 3J B722
 +— 727 Boeing 727 Passenger
 +72B 72M Boeing 727-100 Mixed Configuration 3J B721
 +72C 72M Boeing 727-200 Mixed Configuration 3J B722
 +— 72F Boeing 727 Freighter
 +— 72M Boeing 727 Mixed Configuration
 +72X 72F Boeing 727-100 Freighter 3J B721
 +72Y 72F Boeing 727-200 Freighter 3J B722
 +731 737 Boeing 737-100 Passenger 2J B731
 +732 737 Boeing 737-200 Passenger 2J B732
 +733 737 Boeing 737-300 Passenger 2J B733
 +734 737 Boeing 737-400 Passenger 2J B734
 +735 737 Boeing 737-500 Passenger 2J B735
 +736 737 Boeing 737-600 Passenger 2J B736
 +— 737 Boeing 737 Passenger
 +738 737 Boeing 737-800 Passenger 2J B738
 +739 737 Boeing 737-900 Passenger 2J B739
 +73C 737 Boeing 737-300 (winglets) Passenger 2J B733
 +— 73F Boeing 737 Freighter
 +73G 737 Boeing 737-700 Passenger 2J B737
 +73H 737 Boeing 737-800 (winglets) Passenger 2J B738
 +73M 73M Boeing 737-200 Mixed Configuration 2J B732
 +73W 737 Boeing 737-700 (winglets) Passenger 2J B737
 +73X 73F Boeing 737-200 Freighter 2J B732
 +73Y 73F Boeing 737-300 Freighter 2J B733
 +741 747 Boeing 747-100 Passenger 4J B741
 +742 747 Boeing 747-200 Passenger 4J B742
 +743 747 Boeing 747-300 / 747-100/200 SUD Passenger 4J B743
 +744 747 Boeing 747-400 Passenger 4J B744
 +— 747 Boeing 747 Passenger
 +74C 74M Boeing 747-200 Mixed Configuration 4J B742
 +74D 74M Boeing 747-300 / 747-200 SUD Mixed Configuration 4J B743
 +74E 74M Boeing 747-400 Mixed Configuration 4J B744
 +— 74F Boeing 747 Freighter
 +74J 747 Boeing 747-400 (Domestic) Passenger 4J B74D
 +74L 747 Boeing 747SP Passenger 4J B74S
 +— 74M Boeing 747 Mixed Configuration
 +74R 747 Boeing 747SR Passenger 4J B74R
 +74T 74F Boeing 747-100 Freighter 4J B741
 +74U 74F Boeing 747-300 / 747-200 SUD Freighter 4J B743
 +74V 74F Boeing 747SR Freighter 4J B74R
 +74X 74F Boeing 747-200 Freighter 4J B742
 +74Y 74F Boeing 747-400 Freighter 4J B744
 +752 757 Boeing 757-200 Passenger 2J B752
 +753 757 Boeing 757-300 Passenger 2J B753
 +— 757 Boeing 757 Passenger
 +75F 75F Boeing 757-200 Freighter 2J B752
 +75M 75M Boeing 757-200 Mixed Configuration 2J B752
 +75W 757 Boeing 757-200 (winglets) Passenger 2J ZZZZ
 +762 767 Boeing 767-200 Passenger 2J B762
 +763 767 Boeing 767-300 Passenger 2J B763
 +764 767 Boeing 767-400 Passenger 2J B764
 +— 767 Boeing 767 Passenger
 +— 76F Boeing 767 Freighter
 +76X 76F Boeing 767-200 Freighter 2J B762
 +76Y 76F Boeing 767-300 Freighter 2J B763
 +772 777 Boeing 777-200/ 200ER 2J B772
 +773 777 Boeing 777-300 2J B773
 +— 777 Boeing 777
 +77L 777 Boeing 777-200LR 2J B772
 +77W 777 Boeing 777-300ER 2J B773
 +— 77F Boeing 777 Freighter Y
 +77X 77F Boeing 777-200F Freighter 2J 0000 Y
 +— 787 Boeing 787 Y
 +783 787 Boeing 787-300 2J 0000 Y
 +788 787 Boeing 787-800 2J 0000 Y
 +789 787 Boeing 787-900 2J 0000 Y
 +A22 A22 Antonov An-22 4T AN22
 +A26 AN6 Antonov An-26 2T AN26
 +A28 A28 Antonov An-28 / PZL Mielec M-28 Skytruck 2T AN28
 +A30/ AN6 Antonov An-30 2T AN30
 +A32 AN6 Antonov An-32 2T AN32
 +A38 A38 Antonov An-38 2T AN38
 +A40/ A40/ Antonov An-140 2T A140
 +A4F A4F Antonov An-124 Ruslan 4J A124
 +A5F A5F Antonov An-225 6J A225
 +A81 A81 Antonov AN148-100 2J 0000
 +— AB3 Airbus Industrie A300 Passenger
 +AB4 AB3 Airbus Industrie A300B2 / A300B4 Passenger 2J A30B
 +AB6 AB3 Airbus Industrie A300-600 Passenger 2J A306
 +ABB ABF Airbus Industrie A300-600ST Beluga Freighter 2J A3ST
 +— ABF Airbus Industrie A300 Freighter
 +ABX ABF Airbus Industrie A300B4 / A300C4 / A300F4 Freighter 2J A30B
 +ABY ABF Airbus Industrie A300-600 Freighter 2J A306
 +— ACD Twin (Aero) Commander / Turbo Commander / Jetprop Commander
 +ACP ACD Twin (Aero) Commander 2P *
 +ACT ACD Twin (Aero) Turbo Commander / Jetprop Commander 2T *
 +AGH AGH Agusta A109 H A109
 +AN4 AN4 Antonov An-24 2T AN24
 +— AN6 Antonov An-26 / An-30 / An-32
 +AN7 AN7 Antonov An-72 / An-74 2J AN72
 +ANF ANF Antonov An-12 4T AN12
 +APH APH Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA330 Puma / AS332 Super Puma H *
 +AR1 ARJ Avro RJ100 4J RJ1H
 +AR7 ARJ Avro RJ70 4J RJ70
 +AR8 ARJ Avro RJ85 4J RJ85
 +— ARJ Avro RJ70 / RJ85 / RJ100
 +AT4 ATR ATR 42-300 / 320 2T AT43
 +AT5 ATR ATR 42-500 2T AT45
 +AT7 ATR ATR 72 2T AT72
 +ATD ATR ATR 42-400 2T AT44
 +ATP ATP British Aerospace ATP 2T ATP
 +— ATR ATR 42 / ATR 72
 +— B11 British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven
 +B12 B11 British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 200 2J BA11
 +B13 B11 British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 300 2J BA11
 +B14 B11 British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 400 / 475 2J BA11
 +B15 B11 British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 500 / RomBac One-Eleven 560 2J BA11
 +B72 70/7 Boeing 720-020B 4J B720
 +— BE1 Beech 1900 Airliner
 +BE2 BEC Beech (Light aircraft – twin piston engines) 2P *
 +— BEC Beech (Light aircraft)
 +BEH BE1 Beech 1900D Airliner 2T B190
 +BEP BEC Beech (Light aircraft – single piston engine) 1P *
 +BES BE1 Beech 1900C Airliner 2T B190
 +BET BEC Beech (Light aircraft – twin turboprop engines) 2T *
 +BH2 BH2 Bell (Helicopters) H *
 +BNI BNI Britten-Norman BN-2A / BN-2B Islander 2P BN2P
 +BNT BNT Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk.III Trislander 3P TRIS
 +BUS BUS Surface Equipment – Bus S 0000
 +CCJ CCJ Canadair CL-600 / 601 / 604 Challenger 2J CL60
 +CCX CCX Bombardier BD-700 Global Express 2J GLEX
 +CD2 CD2 Government Aircraft Factories N22B / N24A Nomad 2T NOMA
 +CN1 CNA Cessna (Light aircraft – single piston engine) 1P *
 +CN2 CNA Cessna (Light aircraft – twin piston engines) 2P *
 +CN7 CNJ Cessna 750 Citation X 2J 0000
 +— CNA Cessna (Light aircraft)
 +CNC CNA Cessna (Light aircraft – single turboprop engine) 1T *
 +CNJ CNJ Cessna Citation 2J *
 +CNT CNA Cessna (Light aircraft – twin turboprop engines) 2T *
 +CR1 CRJ Canadair Regional Jet 100 2J CRJ1
 +CR2 CRJ Canadair Regional Jet 200 2J CRJ2
 +CR7 CRJ Canadair Regional Jet 700 2J CRJ7
 +CR9 CRJ Canadair Regional Jet 900 2J CRJ9
 +CRA CRJ Canadair Regional Jet 705 2J ZZZZ Y
 +— CRJ Canadair Regional Jet
 +CRV CRV Aerospatiale (Sud) SE210 Caravelle 2J S210
 +CS2 CS2 CASA / IPTN 212 Aviocar 2T C212
 +CS5 CS5 CASA / IPTN CN-235 2T CN35
 +CV2 CVR Convair 240 Passenger 2P CVLP
 +CV4 CVR Convair 440 Metropolitan Passenger 2P CVLP
 +CV5 CVR Convair 580 Passenger 2T CVLT
 +— CVF Convair 240 / 340 / 440 / 580 / 5800 / 600 / 640 Freighter
 +— CVR Convair 240 / 440 / 580 Passenger
 +CVV CVF Convair 240 Freighter 2P CVLP
 +CVX CVF Convair 340 / 440 Freighter 2P CVLP
 +CVY CVF Convair 580 / 5800 / 600 / 640 Freighter 2T CVLT
 +CWC CWC Curtiss C-46 Commando 2P C46
 +— D10/ Boeing (Douglas) DC-10 Passenger
 +D11 D10/ Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-10 / 15 Passenger 3J DC10
 +D1C D10/ Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-30 / 40 Passenger 3J DC10
 +— D1F Boeing (Douglas) DC-10 Freighter
 +D1M D1M Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-30 Mixed Configuration 3J DC10
 +D1X D1F Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-10 Freighter 3J DC10
 +D1Y D1F Boeing (Douglas) DC-10-30 / 40 Freighter 3J DC10
 +D28 D28 Fairchild Dornier 228 2T D228
 +D38 D38 Fairchild Dornier 328-100 2T D328
 +D3F D3F Boeing (Douglas) DC-3 Freighter 2P DC3
 +D6F D6F Boeing (Douglas) DC-6A / DC-6B / DC-6C Freighter 4P DC6
 +— D8F Boeing (Douglas) DC-8 Freighter
 +D8L DC8 Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-62 Passenger 4J DC86
 +D8M D8M Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-62 Mixed Configuration 4J DC86
 +D8Q DC8 Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-72 Passenger 4J DC87
 +D8T D8F Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-50 Freighter 4J DC85
 +D8X D8F Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-61 / 62 / 63 Freighter 4J DC86
 +D8Y D8F Boeing (Douglas) DC-8-71 / 72 / 73 Freighter 4J DC87
 +D91 DC9 Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-10 Passenger 2J DC91
 +D92 DC9 Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-20 Passenger 2J DC92
 +D93 DC9 Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-30 Passenger 2J DC93
 +D94 DC9 Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-40 Passenger 2J DC94
 +D95 DC9 Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-50 Passenger 2J DC95
 +D9C D9F Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-30 Freighter 2J DC93
 +D9D D9F Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-40 Freighter 2J DC94
 +— D9F Boeing (Douglas) DC-9 Freighter
 +D9X D9F Boeing (Douglas) DC-9-10 Freighter 2J DC91
 +DC3 DC3 Boeing (Douglas) DC-3 Passenger 2P DC3
 +DC4 DC4 Boeing (Douglas) DC-4 4P DC4
 +DC6 DC6 Boeing (Douglas) DC-6B Passenger 4P DC6
 +— DC8 Boeing (Douglas) DC-8 Passenger
 +— DC9 Boeing (Douglas) DC-9 Passenger
 +DF2 DFL Dassault Falcon 10 / 100 / 20 / 200 / 2000 2J *
 +DF3 DFL Dassault Falcon 50 / 900 3J *
 +— DFL Dassault Falcon
 +DH1 DH8 De Havilland DHC-8-100 Dash 8 / 8Q 2T DH8A
 +DH2 DH8 De Havilland DHC-8-200 Dash 8 / 8Q 2T DH8B
 +DH3 DH8 De Havilland DHC-8-300 Dash 8 / 8Q 2T DH8C
 +DH4 DH8 De Havilland DHC-8-400 Dash 8Q 2T DH8D
 +DH7 DH7 De Havilland DHC-7 Dash 7 4T DHC7
 +— DH8 De Havilland DHC-8 Dash 8
 +— DHB De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver / Turbo Beaver
 +DHC DHC De Havilland DHC-4 Caribou 2P DHC4
 +DHD DHD British Aerospace (De Havilland) 104 Dove 2P DOVE
 +DHH DHH British Aerospace (De Havilland) 114 Heron 4P HERN
 +DHL DHO De Havilland DHC-3 Turbo Otter 1T DH3T
 +— DHO De Havilland DHC-3 Otter / Turbo Otter
 +DHP DHB De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver 1P DHC2
 +DHR DHB De Havilland DHC-2 Turbo Beaver 1T DH2T
 +DHS DHO De Havilland DHC-3 Otter 1P DHC3
 +DHT DHT De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter 2T DHC6
 +EM2 EM2 EMBRAER 120 Brasilia 2T E120
 +E70/ EMJ EMBRAER 170 2J E170
 +E75 EMJ EMBRAER 175 2J E170
 +E90/ EMJ EMBRAER 190 2J E190
 +E95 EMJ EMBRAER 195 2J E190
 +EC3 EC3 Eurocopter EC130 H EC30
 +EMB EMB EMBRAER 110 Bandeirante 2T E110
 +— EMJ EMBRAER 170 / 175 / 190 / 195
 +— ERJ EMBRAER RJ135 / RJ140 / RJ145
 +F21 F28 Fokker F28 Fellowship 1000 2J F28
 +F22 F28 Fokker F28 Fellowship 2000 2J F28
 +F23 F28 Fokker F28 Fellowship 3000 2J F28
 +F24 F28 Fokker F28 Fellowship 4000 2J F28
 +F27 F27 Fokker F27 Friendship / Fairchild Industries F-27 2T F27
 +— F28 Fokker F28 Fellowship
 +F50/ F50/ Fokker 50 2T F50
 +F70/ F70/ Fokker 70 2J F70
 +FK7 FK7 Fairchild Industries FH-227 2T F27
 +FRJ FRJ Fairchild Dornier 328JET 2J J328
 +GRG GRG Grumman G-21 Goose (Amphibian) 2P G21
 +GRJ GRJ Gulfstream Aerospace (Grumman) Gulfstream II / III / IV / V 2J *
 +GRM GRM Grumman G-73 Turbo Mallard (Amphibian) 2T G73T
 +GRS GRS Gulfstream Aerospace (Grumman) G-159 Gulfstream I 2T G159
 +H25 H25 Hawker (Hawker Siddeley / British Aerospace 125) 2J *
 +HEC HEC Helio H-250 Courier / H-295 / 395 Super Courier 1P COUR
 +HOV HOV Surface Equipment – Hovercraft S 0000
 +HS7 HS7 British Aerospace (Hawker Siddeley) 748 / Andover 2T A748
 +I14 I14 Ilyushin Il-114 2T I114
 +I9F I9F Ilyushin Il-96 Freighter 4J IL96
 +IL6 IL6 Ilyushin Il-62 4J IL62
 +IL7 IL7 Ilyushin Il-76 4J IL76
 +IL8 IL8 Ilyushin Il-18 4T IL18
 +IL9 IL9 Ilyushin Il-96 Passenger 4J IL96
 +ILW ILW Ilyushin Il-86 4J IL86
 +J31 JST British Aerospace Jetstream 31 2T JS31
 +J32 JST British Aerospace Jetstream 32 2T JS32
 +J41 JST British Aerospace Jetstream 41 2T JS41
 +— JST British Aerospace Jetstream
 +JU5 JU5 Junkers Ju 52/3m 3P JU52
 +— L10/ Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Passenger
 +L11 L10/ Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Passenger 3J L101
 +L15 L10/ Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500 Passenger 3J L101
 +L1F L1F Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Freighter 3J L101
 +L49 L49 Lockheed L-749 Constellation / L-1049 Super Constellation 4P CONI
 +L4T L4T Let 410 2T L410
 +LCH LCH Surface Equipment – Launch / Boat S 0000
 +LMO LMO Surface Equipment – Limousine S 0000
 +LOE LOE Lockheed L-188 Electra 4T L188
 +LOF LOF Lockheed L-188 Electra Freighter 4T L188
 +LOH LOH Lockheed L-182 / L-282 / L-382 (L-100) Hercules 4T C130
 +LOM LOM Lockheed L-188 Electra Mixed Configuration 4T L188
 +LRJ LRJ Learjet 2J *
 +M11 M11 Boeing (Douglas) MD-11 Passenger 3J MD11
 +M1F M1F Boeing (Douglas) MD-11 Freighter 3J MD11
 +M1M M1M Boeing (Douglas) MD-11 Mixed Configuration 3J MD11
 +— M80/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-80
 +M81 M80/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-81 2J MD81
 +M82 M80/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-82 2J MD82
 +M83 M80/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-83 2J MD83
 +M87 M80/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-87 2J MD87
 +M88 M80/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-88 2J MD88
 +M90/ M90/ Boeing (Douglas) MD-90 2J MD90
 +MBH MBH Eurocopter (MBB) BO105 H B105
 +MD9 MD9 MD Helicopters MD 900 Explorer H EXPL
 +MIH MIH Mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 / Mi-171 / Mi-172 H MI8
 +MU2 MU2 Mitsubishi MU-2 2T MU2
 +ND2 ND2 Aerospatiale (Nord) 262 2T N262
 +NDC NDC Aerospatiale SN601 Corvette 2J S601
 +NDE NDE Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) AS350 Ecureuil / AS355 Ecureuil 2 H *
 +NDH NDH Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA365C / SA365N Dauphin 2 H *
 +PA1 PAG Piper (Light aircraft – single piston engine) 1P *
 +PA2 PAG Piper (Light aircraft – twin piston engines) 2P *
 +— PAG Piper (Light aircraft)
 +PAT PAG Piper (Light aircraft – twin turboprop engines) 2T *
 +PL2 PL2 Pilatus PC-12 1T PC12
 +PL6 PL6 Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter 1T PC6T
 +PN6 PN6 Partenavia P.68 2P P68
 +RFS RFS Surface Equipment – Road Feeder Service (Truck) S 0000
 +S20/ S20/ Saab 2000 2T SB20
 +S58 S58 Sikorsky S-58T H S58T
 +S61 S61 Sikorsky S-61 H S61
 +S76 S76 Sikorsky S-76 H S76
 +SF3 SF3 Saab 340 2T SF34
 +SH3 SH3 Shorts 330 (SD3-30) 2T SH33
 +SH6 SH6 Shorts 360 (SD3-60) 2T SH36
 +SHB SHB Shorts SC.5 Belfast 4T BELF
 +SHS SHS Shorts Skyvan (SC-7) 2T SC7
 +SSC SSC Aerospatiale / British Aerospace Concorde 4J CONC
 +SWM SWM Fairchild (Swearingen) SA26 / SA226 / SA227 Merlin / Metro /
 +Expediter 2T *
 +T20/ T20/ Tupolev Tu-204 / Tu-214 2J T204
 +TRN TRN Surface Equipment – Train S 0000
 +TU3 TU3 Tupolev Tu-134 2J T134
 +TU5 TU5 Tupolev Tu-154 3J T154
 +VCV VCV British Aerospace (Vickers) Viscount 4T VISC
 +WWP WWP Israel Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwind 2J WW24
 +YK2 YK2 Yakovlev Yak-42 / Yak-142 3J YK42
 +YK4 YK4 Yakovlev Yak-40 3J YK40
 +YN2 YN2 Harbin Yunshuji Y12 2T Y12
 +YN7 YN7 Xian Yunshuji Y7 / MA-60 2T AN24
 +YS1 YS1 NAMC YS-11 2T YS11
 +ZZZZ ICAO code pending
 +* Multiple ICAO codes
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